I've been a passionate long distance runner for about 10 years now. I've attended multiple marathons and half marathons. Running has grown to something more than a passion of mine - it has become part of my life. On this site I want to introduce you to my training plan (how much and how far I run, intensity etc.), diet & nutrition as well as training gear such as running shoes. As I've recently suffered from plantar fasciitis, that's also a topic I'm going to cover.

Recent Activities (frequently updated)

  • I recently started to get into the paleo diet. I discovered that diet plays a increasingly bigger role now that I'm only seeing little improvements in my overall performance.
  • Looking forward to apply to the next NYC marathon!
  • I'm forced to take a little break from running because I developed plantar fasciitis. I'm still looking for a new pair of running shoes and have found this guide helpful: Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis (2014). If you want to read my most recent article about how to chose running shoes for plantar fasciitis  click here .
  • I discovered vegan protein powder for myself (article coming soon!).


Recent Articles

[Video] How To Prepare For A Marathon

It's getting cold outside and the marathon season is not coming until another couple of months. However, if you enjoy running it is very unlikely that you will stop doing so during winter time. On the contrary, you will probably see it as a challenge and go running even more :) Winter time for me usually means preparation time. I overthink my dietary plan as well as take a closer look at my performance, how much I want to improve and what my goals are for the following year. But without further...
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Chosing the Right Running Shoes as a Plantar Fasciitis Sufferer

I announced earlier that I recently developed plantar fasciitis. While it means that I have to rest a lot and take care of my foot, I'm already searching for a new pair of well cushioned running shoes. I'm an overpronator and that has been more or less my only criteria to chosing running shoes in the past. All the new technology lots of running shoes offer nowadays sound fancy, but honestly I think the most important thing is that the shoe fits. If it fits and feels good on your foot, then...
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Best Running Supplements

For some reason, individuals seldom link marathon runners or runners in general with using nutritional supplements. But supplements such as protein powder, vitamins and amino acids can have a great impact on how you feel as well as your performance! What the following video for a great overview of supplements for runners, or read on below. The nutritional supplements in this report can assist runners maintain their long term well-being and to do aerobic tasks for extended spans. Runners in...
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